Rock Climbing Club

Rock Climbing Club is open to all ages and skill levels, whether your Club member has been climbing before or they have a fear of heights, we are willing to work with them and help them in ways that they need. We are fortunate enough at the Club to have a 30-foot rock wall inside our gym.

We want to thank our title sponsor, Bend Rock Gym for helping us make our program the best it can be. Thanks to BRG, Club Climbers will be able to test out new routes at our location, as well as be exposed to the many routes at their gym during private Climber Night Outs and Family Night Outs at a low to no cost ​rate. A shout out to Metolius Climbing for donating a variety of climbing equipment for our ​members to use!


If you have any questions please contact the Climbing Club Instructor, Devan, at (541) 617-2877 x7 or



Help a child learn to climb!

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  • Purchases TWO Rock Climbing Club t-shirts for our members
  • Provides ONE annual membership to Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend and access to participate in Rock Climbing Club
  • Covers ONE safety harness
  • Sponsors ONE Rock Climbing Club Party for 40 members, which includes pizzas, drinks, treats, certificates for each member, special prizes for “Coaches Award” and “Perseverance Award” , and thank you gifts for volunteers (we have 2 a year)
  • Allows us to upkeep all of our necessary rock climbing gear, which includes belay devices, ropes, carabiners, proper footwear, etc.

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