Fees & Payment FAQ's

At the Boys & Girls Clubs, program fees represent less than half of the true cost to run our programs. We aim to keep our fees low and we are dedicated to supporting those who need us most. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our fees and payment schedule. For questions and additional assistance, please contact our Business Manager at pquon@bgcbend.org or (541)617-2877 ext. 7


When are fees due?

At registration: fees for Sept due and annual membership fee due
Sept 15th: fees due for Oct
Oct 15th: fees due for Nov
Nov 15th: fees due for Dec
Dec 15th: fees due for Jan
Jan 15th: fees due for Feb
Feb 15th: fees due for March
March 15th: fees due for April
April 15th: fees due for May
May 15th: fees due for June


When are invoices sent?

Invoices are sent on the 1st of each month.


What if I cannot pay my invoice by the 15th?

We try to be flexible and understanding whenever possible. If you need an extension or to ​adjust your payment due date, please contact our Business Manager at pquon@bgcbend.org or (541)617-2877 ext. 7 


If I receive a partial or full scholarship, do I still have to pay the first month deposit and annual membership fee?

Yes. All Club members pay the first month deposit ($150 for our After School program and $175 for Junior Club) and the one-time annual membership fee ($25). 


When do annual memberships expire?

Annual memberships expire every September. 


Why do I have to pay Club fees in December when the Club is closed for holidays?

The cost of our After School program is $1,500. Our incremental payment schedule reflects this amount, not how often a child attends the Club during a particular month.


Do you have a daily rate?

We do not offer a daily rate.


Do I pay online or in person?

You can pay your invoice online or in person. If you choose to pay online, verify that your invoices are going to the correct email.