Thank you for your donation!
Your Donation is instrumental in helping a whole generation achieve great futures!


Your $5,000 Investment provides

  • One trimester of educational enhancement programs at one location
  • One year of recognition for Youths of the Month including graduation ceremonies
  • 14 new computers to enhance technology programs at two locations
  • One year of supplies for Friday night teen activities at all four locations

Your $2,500 Investment provides

  • Service projects supplies for Torch Club and Keystone Club at all four locations
  • One eight-week session of Passport to Manhood at two locations
  • One Jr. Staff member’s salary for the school year

Your $1,000 Investment provides

  • One eight-week session of drug and alcohol resistance training
  • One day of youth programming at one location
  • One summer’s worth of dodgeballs, basketballs, and soccer balls for all four locations

Your $500 Investment provides

  • One scholarship for a youth everyday after-school
  • One scholarship for a youth for seven weeks of summer
  • One 5 week session of a cooking program for a group of ten youth

Your $250 Investment provides

  • One camera and supplies for Photography Club
  • One month of Art supplies including paints, brushes, matting and paper
  • One eight-week session of Gardening Club at one location

Your $100 Investment provides

  • One dance for a group of teenagers
  • One day of transportation
  • One volunteer orientation session