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We are so grateful for you!

Because of COVID guidelines this Giving Tree is virtual. The opportunity for in-person delivery is limited. Please have your items​ shipped to our Downtown Bend Club to ensure their safe delivery to these families.


Adopt a Club family for the Holidays! 

This year has been hard for all of us, but especially difficult for already struggling families.  Our Holiday Giving Campaign helps provide gifts and holiday cheer for club families in need, and allows them to have a stress free holiday experience.  

 Click on the link below each family's bio to be taken to their personalized Amazon wish list to purchase their requested gifts.  Gifts will be sent to the BGCB, and we will distribute them to each family.  

1. Family of open hearts!  *SPONSORED* This club family has been involved with the BGCB for many years, and the youth are all leaders here at the BGCB.  Help make their Christmas special, they sure deserve it!

Dad; 54, Mom; 48, kids; 13,10,8,3

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

2. Family of Lovely Ladies!  This club family is new this year to the BGCB, but their bright personalities have made a big impact!  Help us make their holiday shine as bright as they do.

Mom; 28, girls; 7 and 9

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

3. Family of Shining Stars!  This club family has been coming to the BGCB since they were in Kindergarten, and the girls have blossomed and are so sweet to their fellow club members and staff.  They deserve a holiday as sweet as they are.  Will you help us make sure ​their smiles shine bright this holiday season?

Mom; 48 girls; 6 and 9

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

4. Family of Pokemon Fans! This club kid's big personality has made an impact on every staff and club member he meets! He is always up for playing fun games and goofing around, and we love his joy. He brings a smile to everyone he meets, will you help make his smile bright for the holidays this year?

Mom; 46, boy; 8

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

 5. Family of birds of a feather! This club family has been with us for many years, and while they may be quiet, they are always willing to lend a hand and participate in games and club fun. Help us make their holiday extra special!

Grandma; 46, kids; 21, 11, 9

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

6. Family of Feisty Firecrackers!  These girls are a joy to have at the club! They make life more fun for everyone they meet, and there's never a dull moment when they're around! Will you help make their holiday sparkle?

Girls; 11, 9, 8

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

7. Family of Sassy Siblings!  These siblings have been with us for several years and are like family to us now! They are so fun to have and keep us on our toes. Will you help them have a happy holiday?

Kids, 11 and 9

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

8. Family of Sporty Siblings!  These sweet boys are always up for games and fun at the club! They love classic toys like legos and playing basketball with their friends. Will you help them have a fun filled holiday?

Mom, 42, Aunt, 55, boys, 10, 8, little sister 4.

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

​9. Family of Scientific Siblings! These s​punky boys are ​super interested in learning and growing here at the club! They're always up for a science experiment, or a fun interactive game. Will you help their holiday be extra exciting this year?

Boys; 6 and 8

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

10. Family of Resiliency!  This family has been through a lot this year, but they have not let that deter their positive attitudes.  We are constantly impressed by their never ending smiles and way of being able to brush of adversity, and continue to persevere.  Will you help them have an extra special holiday this year?

Grandpa; 55, Mom; 33, boy, 5.

Amazon wish list: CLICK HERE

More families TBD!  

Want to give but can't commit to sponsoring an entire family?  Donate to the Holiday Giving fund and we will put your donation toward gifts for club families.

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Would you like more information about our Holiday Giving Campaign or other ways ​you can help support club families?  

Contact Emily Love, our Family Services Director, for more information:

541-617-2877 ex. 4