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Teen Director

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Position Description

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    Teen Director
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    Program Director

Job Functions


As a professional with Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend I understand I am accountable to the Program Director.

I represent Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend as a positive role model to our members and to all children in general.

I will adhere to all policies and procedures published by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend.


  1. Establish appropriate work habits.
  2. Develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with Club members, other staff and supervisors.
  3. Use good common sense and act in the best interest of the organization and Club Members.
  4. Accept responsibility for planning, organizing and implementing quality programs.
  5. Meet general expectations of the position and the organization.
  6. Maintain a safe, positive environment for co-workers and Club Members at all times.

Job Function Details


Establish appropriate work habits.

Performance Standards:

  1. Arrive on time to work and when returning from lunch and ten minute breaks.
  2. It is expected that you work your scheduled hours.
  3. Be clear on expectations and enforce expectations with Club Members.
  4. Have a positive work attitude.
  5. Be flexible with program offerings and scheduling by understanding the environment that we work in.
  6. Use your preparation time wisely.  


Develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with Club members, other staff 
and supervisors.

Performance Standards:

  1. Cooperate with other staff and supervisors.
  2. Be approachable with staff and supervisors.
  3. Be approachable with Club Members.  Remember to be sensitive when using sarcasm and joking with teens.
  4. Work and relate well with Club Members and always in an appropriate way.
  5. Effectively communicate with other staff and your supervisor.
  6. Create positive relationships with all Club Members.
  7. Ensure that Club Members receive guidance to help them fulfill and make appropriate choices about their educational, emotional, physical, social and vocational needs.
  8. Ensure that positive and respectful relationships exist between Club staff and Club Members, utilizing active listening skills. 


Use good common sense and act in the best interest of the organization and Club Members.

Performance Standards:

  1. Be adaptive.  You are going to have to change your plan and make immediate adjustments to your program plans at times.
  2. You will need to be comfortable making decisions.  If you are not sure about a decision, always consult your supervisor prior to making a decision.
  3. Use accurate judgment.  If you are not sure about a decision, always consult your supervisor prior to making a decision.
  4. Use professional conduct with Club Members at all times.  This applies when you are at the Club and when you see a Club Member outside of the Club or when you are not working.


    Accept responsibility for planning, organizing and implementing quality programs.

    Performance Standards:
  1. Use your preparation time effectively and meet all program responsibilities.
  2. Complete all work by scheduled due dates.
  3. Comply with all work instructions.
  4. Make sure all completed work is neat and accurate and meets all Boys & Girls Club standards.
  5. Be thorough and demonstrate good follow through in all program planning.
  6. Be organized and have a plan for all program implementation.
  7. Be engaged in all program and activities that you are implementing.
  8. Demonstrate your knowledge of the Youth Development Strategy (BUIC).

Weekly Program Responsibilities:

  1. BE GREAT: Graduate
    A year long program meeting once per week during the school year and twice per week throughout the summer.

    Areas of focus are:
    1. Higher Education: College tours, College applications, scholarships, essay prompts, FAFSA, and ACT/SAT preparation
    2. Career/Job Readiness:  Job applications, resume building, mock interviews, job shadows, and industry expert guest speakers
    3. Life Skills: Organization, goal setting, time management, food preparation, acquiring and accessing community resources
    4. Financial Literacy: Credit scores, pitfalls of credit cards, student loans, and money management
    5. Civic Engagement: Service learning, policies and governance, good character, and effective leadership
  2. Keystone Club: This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for young people ages 14 to 18. Youth participate, both in and out of the Club, in activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to have a positive impact on members, the Club and community.
  3. Project Learn: Project Learn reinforces the academic enrichment and school engagement of young people during the time they spend at the Club. As Teen Director you will provide one on one academic support, homework help and tutoring each day.
  4. Junior Staff Program: The Junior Staff Program is a practical small group program that assists Club teens, ages 13-18, in exploring careers in youth development or other human services, with a particular focus on Boys & Girls Club work. The Junior Staff program will provide teen participants with age-appropriate skill building opportunities and hand-on experiences in four areas:
    1.  Career Development: exploring a variety of careers with an emphasis on human services
    2. Apprenticeship: cultivate job readiness and employability skills,
    3. Customer Service: develop a sense of business awareness,
    4. Community Service: develop competent leaders, committed to making a difference.
  5. Teen Night: A weekly Friday night program planned to engage teens in fun experiential events that educate and inspire. These nights should not only provide opportunities for fun and social engagement but should also incorporate skill building and cultural diversity.


Meet general expectations of the position and the organization.

Performance Standards:

  1. Establish and maintain appropriate relationships with Club Members.  Interacting with Club Members outside of Club working hours is not allowed.
  2. Carry out all assigned responsibilities.
  3. Show interest in all assigned tasks.
  4. Demonstrate leadership ability.
  5. Meet dress code, demonstrate good hygiene habits and enforce the Club dress code with       teens at all times.
  6. Do not behave in a way that can be perceived as detrimental to the organization.
  7. Use Boys & Girls Club property as assigned and in an appropriate manner at all times.


Maintain a safe, positive environment for co-workers and Club Members at all times.

Performance Standards:

  1. Ensure that you maintain a safe environment at the Club at all times.
  2. Implement expectations with Club Members at all times.
  3. Use good follow through with Club Members at all times.
  4. Position yourself so you can see the entire program space that you’re in.  Never have your back to a group of Club Members.  Never play a game that takes your attention away from the other Club Members in the room.  Talk to your supervisor for other examples of good positioning techniques.
  5. Use effective guidance and discipline techniques at all times with all Club Members.
  6. Be aware of what is going on in your program area.  Monitor Club Member conversations, conduct and movement.
  7. Be aware of the look and feel of your program area.  Monitor the noise level, the flow of the activity, the flow of the room, and make sure your activities are well organized.
  8. Communicate with your Program Director regarding any Club Member discipline problems.
  9. Make every effort to promote the carry over of values and conduct outside of the Club.
  10. Make sure teen members are fully aware of the Teen Center rules and discipline policy.

Job Evalutation


Position holder will establish, with the concurrence of the Program Director, specific semi-annual performance objectives and expected outcomes in accordance with the above Expectations and Performance Standards.  These objectives are dynamic and will be revised from time to time by the Program Director.


  • High School diploma required.
  • Demonstrated ability in working with young people, parents and community leaders.
  • Ability to deal effectively with multi-age children, small groups of children in activities and free play, and large groups of children in organized activities.
  • Demonstrated ability in the effective guidance and discipline of youth ages 5 through 18.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

The information presented indicates the general nature and level of work expected of employees in this classification. It is not designed to contain, nor to be interpreted as, a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and objectives required of employees assigned to this job.

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