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Education Coordinator

25 hours per week
$10.75 per hour

Position Description

  • Title:
    Education Coordinator
  • Profile Source:
    Professional – Non-Exempt
  • Availability:
  • Department:
    Downtown Bend Club
  • Reports to:
    Program Director

Job Functions

  1. Manage necessary administrative functions and assigned resources.
  2. Promote and market programs to Club Members, parents, and community.
  3. Provide guidance services to Club Members.
  4. Manage all elements of the Learning Center.

Job Function Details



Manage necessary administrative functions and assigned resources.

Performance Standards:

  1.  Implement annual, monthly, and weekly action plans.
  2. As directed by your supervisor, communicate with parents all special event scheduling, accomplishments, etc.
  3. Communicate with Program Director regarding any discipline problems.
  4. Assist in developing, following, and updating a year long action plan.
  5. Create and maintain a case management system for members including: individualized education plans, project learn pre and post tests and surveys, tracking member progress and any additional needed information for grant reporting.
  6. Develop, implement, and maintain all Academic Success programs including a tracking system and incentive based program.
  7. Oversee the delivery of the Teacher of the Month program.
  8. Produce annual grant reports Academic Success based programs updating the Resource Development Director as needed.




Promote and market programs to Club members, parents and the community.

Performance Standards:

  1. Coordinate and advertise special events during the summer and school year.
  2. Maintain and update all program bulletin boards.
  3. As directed by your supervisor, contact, develop, and utilize local school authorities to make program announcements and to distribute handouts to students.  
  4. Recruit, enroll and retain Club members in Project Learn.
  5. Develop a communication schedule with Club Members, parents, community members, school personnel and Club Staff in order to maintain open communicate and share information on a regular basis.




Provide guidance services to Club members.

Performance Standards:

  1. Members receive guidance to help them fulfill and make appropriate choices about their educational, physical, emotional, social, and vocational needs.
  2. Positive and respectful relationships exist between Staff and members, utilizing "active listening" skills.
  3. Unacceptable behaviors are dealt with utilizing the discipline procedures set by the Club.
  4. Members are always held accountable for behavior within reasonable expectations.
  5. Behavioral incidents and achievements are recorded and shared with Program Director.
  6. There are efforts to promote the carry-over of values and conduct outside the Club.



Manage all elements of the Learning Center

Job Evalutation

Position holder will establish, with the concurrence of the Program Director, specific semi-annual performance objectives and expected outcomes in accordance with the above Key Roles and Job Functions.  These objectives are dynamic and will be revised from time to time to the mutual agreement of the position holder and the Program Director.



  • Completion of high school.
  • Demonstrated ability in working with young people, parents and community leaders.
  • Ability to deal effectively with multi-age children, small groups of children in activities and free play, and large groups of children in organized activities.
  • Demonstrated ability in the effective guidance and discipline of youth ages 6 through 18.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

The information presented indicates the general nature and level of work expected of employees in this classification. It is not designed to contain, nor to be interpreted as, a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and objectives required of employees assigned to this job.

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